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Although PVC Fencing is new in South Africa, it is an established fencing business in the USA, Australia and some European Countries, installing PVC Fences in extreme weather conditions without any adverse effects.

Value Fencing is not a fence manufacturer, but we import all our PVC fencing products from a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered manufacturer, therefore the quality of our product is of world standard at all times. The material used is virgin PVC material and is UV Protected.

PVC Fencing is unique and we believe it increases the value of your property, therefore our high quality PVC Fencing does not compete with any steel or concrete fences.

At Value Fencing, the most important person in our business, is you the client and we will assist you with your fencing requirements, we strive to distribute our PVC Fencing throughout South Africa, offering Franchise opportunities as well as appointing agents per area (Contact us for more details).


Value Fencing Client:
As a leading PVC Fence supplier, Value Fencing Guarantees the installed PVC material will not peel, crack, chip or blister for its lifetime (Minimum 20 Years). Value Fencing supported by the manufacturer, also guarantee the PVC fence will not discolour due to direct sunlight. The guarantee does not provide protection against discolouration or other damages caused by air pollution (including but not limited to metal oxides or metallic particles), exposure to harmful chemicals.
This guarantee does not extend to damages caused by improper application, installation (DIY Option), or use, abuse, accident, alterations, negligence or acts of God. There are no other express guarantees except as stated herein. This guarantee is issued to the original purchaser and is not transferable.
If the product should fail to conform to this guarantee, Value Fencing will repair or replace the defective parts at its discretion. The purchaser shall provide Value Fencing with a written notice of failure, along with prove of purchase and the nature of the defect. Value Fencing reserves the right to inspect the material at its Head Office to determine the validity of the claim. If the claim is valid, the removal and reinstallation of the damaged parts will be free of charge.
The above constitutes the complete guarantee by Value Fencing and no other agreement, written or implied, is valid. No person is authorized to change or modify this guarantee. Recovery for consequential or incidental damages is hereby excluded.

(Member of BCB Contractors T/A Value Fencing: BC Bann)